Start of something awesome (Gundam 1/400)

I’m still writing up my full review of Better Than Any Man, so for the meantime…
I finally got my bloody casting rig working again. You may not know this, but there are actually several different Gundam gashapon (basically, really nice quarter-machine toys) wargame systems running around. You can find one here (Facebook group, translated rules and unit cards in the files section), as well as the forever-teased, never-released Gundam Senki*. I need a lot more masters to add to my collection, but I’ve started my first MS team. These guys are late-war remnants, ala the Midnight Fenrir battalion but not nearly so well-equipped. Yet. They’ll form the core of a battalion (possibly regiment?) in the future. And of course, what good are Zakus without GMs to blow up?
This particular gent is Michael vanOrden, my perpetual 3iC and recon team leader in mecha roleplaying ‘verses; his wife Maria is usually XO and the team’s Assault leader. “Doc” Schott’s custom recovery Zaku is gonna take a while to pull off, and I don’t have any Doms to do up a Funf for Maria yet, so in the meantime I’m doing Third (Blue) Team. Squadron name is the “Sunset Chasers”. I’ll have better pics up later, but I wanted to get something out there. Also, Magic Wash is Magic.

*Mike from R. Talsorian has floated the idea of doing a kickstarter for it once the Mekton one is over. I drool with anticipation, but.. after all the shit I’ve been through waiting for it, I’m a little cynical.

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