“The Forgotten” – Campaign House Rules

System Resources: Lamentations of the Flame Princess.
Quick-start Sheets
for players.
Character Sheet. Add “Physic” and “Occult” to the skill area.
Player’s Handbook.

House Rules:
Firearm Rules original post (now outdated)
Firearm Rules Update
Misfire Rules (Using option 2 for pick-up games, 3 for campaign)
A cheat sheet incorporating all firearms rules to date
Savage Class (Replacement option for Dwarf. Updated 12/2016)
Occultism Skill  – link outdated, current rules here (Any class may sacrifice starting skill for this, Magic-user starting skill). Players do not begin the game with access to a Grimoire, but may create or commission one and have free access to Specialist’s Tools (Occult).
Physic Skill (Any class may sacrifice starting skill for this, Cleric starting skill. Updated)
Seamanship Skill (1-point starting skill for all classes, Savages may replace Bushcraft with Seamanship)

New Items:
Bone Armor, Fetich/juju/medicine bag. Improve non-physical saving throws in the same manner as a helmet improves physical throws.
Specialists’ Tools are separated into the following categories : [Physic] [Occult] [Seamen’s] [Locksmiths’]. All cost the same and allow more advanced and/or safer use of the associated skills.

In addition:
• Mages begin play with 3 randomly-determined spells, Read Magic, Summon, and one spell of your choice from the Player’s Handbook. Higher-level spells will be rolled for using the standard LotFP rules. Witches and the Fey are unwelcome in most places, but sorcerers are almost expected (if still officially persecuted); concealing your power might be wise…
• I have created generators on Last Gasp Grimoire that might assist Magic-user PCs in generating Cabals and starting spells. You may also use the Random Wizard Generator tables here to work out your character’s backstory with me if desired, which can confer additional benefits (though not levels) to the character, as well as a number of delightful complications.
• Clerics will have the support of the Church (well, one of them) but in turn must declare for an organized religion. Lutherans, Anglicans, Moslems, and Catholics are the most likely candidates but I’ll take anything. Declaring for one or another Church will confer benefits to any character, not just Clerics. Note that Clerics are treated more like Inquisitors, Paladins or Knights Templar in this system, and are not just “priests”.
• Druids (and Pagans) still exist, but they are decidedly not Clerics, and most if not all will be Chaotic. This doesn’t mean you’re not a spellcaster…
• If you write up a background sheet for your character, it will benefit you.
• The most commonly-spoken languages in this period and area are French, English, Spanish, Low German, and Arabic; most learned men will know at least some Greek, Latin, and/or Hebrew.
• Each class has one or more starting skills. Fighters have Sneak Attack, Savages Bushcraft and Stealth or Physic and Occult, Clerics a choice of Physic or Occultism.

The Big Blue d30 rule, Shields Shall be Splintered, and Carousing are all in effect in this campaign. Ask me for details.

Synopsis (Pick-up players can ignore this):
This is a historical-ish game, set in the late 17th Century. Characters are living in the upheaval of the early Colonial period, and all have a reason to, let us say, not be in Europe anymore. You have taken ship to North Africa, and adventure awaits.. as does silver. In quantity. The party has now entered the gateway to the Caribbean, and is about to leave the Old World behind.

First session play report
Ship status
Second Session
Third Session
Recap of Session 4 and Fifth Session

Party members, past and present:
Captain Hernando Velasquez: Spaniard mercenary and deserter, looking for silver and finding wives
Quartermistress, Dame Elizabeth: English gentry and magical dabbler in search of her explorer father
Ship’s Doctor William Byron (you can tell it’s his real name, it’s sewn into his boots): Sometime French secret agent, now alleged Walloon expat in search of not being in France, the Low Countries, or England at any point in the near future. Currently has highest kill ratio of all PCs.
The Polynesian: A tower of muscle and silence, but highly effective.

Henchmen and Hirelings:
Leftenant of Marines, Brygitte Benoit: Homely French country girl and highly-effective Fighter. Mistress of Ol’ Roy. (Hench)
Ol’ Roy: A huge bitch. Seriously, she is a very large dog. Has a bad habit of slobbering on enemies instead of actually attacking them.
Sailing-Master Michel St.-Jourdain: Beefy, scarred, knows too many bad people in good ports. Expert seaman and briber.
Billy Holt: Cabin-boy (also, catamite to Dm. Elizabeth). Friendly, if distant, and a good hand on the ratlines.
Malika Bint-Gifar: Hernando’s blushing bride. Is in fact a low-level witch, unbeknownst to her husband, and is quite pleased with her current arrangements. (Hench)

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