[Review] – Kickstarter “Killer Rabbits”

Late last year I kicked in on a slightly less-disastrous KS than the usual (where’s my damned Ref book, Raggi?). I’ve always been a big fan of manuscript art and marginalia, particularly silly ones.

I am a man of simple tastes.

So making minis of the murderous bunnies from the Lutrell Psalter and elsewhere is pretty much exactly up my alley. I picked up the simpler $30 pledge, which omits the Bagpiper, Greatsword, and Crossbow rabbits. Didn’t feel like I needed three copies of all the “grunt” rabbits for them. I missed out on their previous “Triumph of Death” KS, but it seemed to go well.

Short Version: Characterful sculpts that are going to take a good bit of clean-up work to make presentable. 7/10 for the (retail) price.
Full review under the cut.

Original Kickstarter
Skull and Crown (caster and future distributor, as I understand it)
Satyr Art Studios (sculptor, check out his trolls)

$30 plus $6 for shipping. For 23 minis that’s hilariously good value. Judging by other stuff on the website, I expect they’ll be about $2-3/head once they go on sale. I’ll definitely be picking up the Crossbow and Greatsword later, and I look forward to the next KS.

The full pledge, in the nude, and before cleanup.

Speed/shipping: ~4 months. Not bad at all. Minis came in a small box with overinflated ziplocks and an airpack. No damage or losses.

Cast Quality:
Below-average. About on par with other “budget” pewter offerings, or with early 1990s casts from a company like Grenadier. Several minis had under-runs or pockets on the bases; one of the “clubmen” was missing almost half his base. There was also a small string embedded in the Falchion rabbit in the bottom center of the above pic. Flashing was moderate but very noticeable, and the “Holy-water sprinkler” mace/dagger rabbit had a pocket of flash that essentially filled out the entire space between his face, the arm, and the mace shaft. No other flashing on detail areas, and the rest were easy to clean up. Mold lines are well-placed.

Pewter: Kinda weird. The material is >extremely< flexible, yet tough and hard to cut. That made getting the last of the flashing and mold lines off of areas like the spearshafts and cavalry dog’s tail difficult – had to use the clippers and a very light touch with an emery board, then re-position all the metal once I was done. On the infantry it’s not as much of a problem. On the other hand I’m going to have to replace the Snail Knight’s spear shaft if I ever want the model to leave the display cabinet.

Detail and sculpt quality:
Excellent, with one exception, and they match the source material very closely. For reference:

Greyhound knight. I was damned impressed by the quality of this translation.

The slug’s striations were a bit soft, but everything else was nice and crisp. The minis themselves are very narrow, with the ears attached to each other most of the way up. While the posing is quite “flat” on a few of the infantry, the flexible pewter means the models are extremely easy to reposition for some better poses.
…Except the Lion Knight. Overall he seemed like a rushed sculpt. The sword is thick, sloppy on detail, and bonded to the lion’s tail. His arm is bent into a backwards curve, and there’s still tooling marks visible on the legs. As a display model, he’s acceptable; from any angle but the best the model breaks down quickly.

Scaling: Good between ~20mm and 32mm Heroic. Fortunately, with the exception of the clubbed monk vignette, there’s no real reference to Humans in the set. You can use them as “Halflings” or human-sized mutants interchangeably.

The large Greyhound Knight is about the size of a panther in 28mm and a horse in 20mm. The coursing hound is very close in size with the Wild Dogs from North Star (part of the Frostgrave line), the old Hunting Hounds of Orion Kournous from GW, or Crooked Dice’s Attack Dogs. The rabbits seem to scale best with old-school 25mm stuff (Grenadier, Ral Partha D&D) or the more-graceful 28mm lines like Reaper and HF. The human models are definitely gracile 28mm.

Cleanup Time: The full pledge took me about an hour and a half to repose, clean, and prep. I’m still not pleased with the Lion Knight. May wind up converting his sword and resculpting the lion’s tail.

I’m statting these little bastards up to use as Frostgrave Tribals right now, really looking forward to wrapping a brush around ’em.

Mini photos mine, trademarks used without permission for the Fair Use purpose of review and commentary. GW’s legal department can eat me.

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