The Death Frost Doom update just went live. Off to snuggle with it in a corner.


Battle of Sector 001 (Attack Wing AAR)

Took part in another Attack Wing tournament, this time for the Battle of Sector 001. Brought a Klink swarm build, which was a bad idea in retrospect (all the winning builds were 90-point juggernaught setups). This time I pulled the Vorta Vor, which means no matter what I pull in two weeks I’ll finally have either a Gavroche or a Saber (since I know someone who’s trading the Gavroche off)

Vor’ChA – class battlecruiser
-K’Nera (Disable crew on target or gain +1 attack dice)
– Photon Topedoes (Vor’ChA variant)
– Bu’kaH (Crew, discard to repair 2 damage)

K’T’ingA – class heavy cruiser
– Nu’daQ (Captain, converts a BS to a hit)

IKS Somraw – Raptor-class frigate
– Generic Captain
– Photon Torpedoes (Raptor variant)

IRW Vorta Vor
– Commander Charnavek (the one from “The Enterprise Incident”)
– Advanced Cloak (God I love this thing)
– Plasma Torpedoes

Counter-attack die (resource)

What I did Wrong
I assigned the wrong captains to the ships. I should have dropped K’Nera, and put a higher-skilled captain on the Raptor, or a Klink Advanced Weapon System on one of the cruisers. Swarm lists are just too vulnerable; I only need something that can survive three rounds of the hellfire the Borg drop.  Also, I dropped my 1-straight template while I was leaving the house.

What I did right
I didn’t foul any of my own ships, and did some amazing maneuvering. I even managed to tactically foul an enemy ship and then vaporize it with the Borg Cube (since it couldn’t use one of it’s bullshit “let’s stick Dominion, United Earth Space Service, Romulan, and Klingon cards on the same ship” combos). The Counter-attack die is amazing against the Borg cube once its adaptations start spiking, since they can’t defend the damage away. I managed to run down and kill a Borg Sphere, even if I lost that game by FIVE FUCKING POINTS (ahem). Incidentally, if your ships are worth less than 20 points, you actually gain Battle Points if they die and you can successfully kill the Cube or Sphere..
Bu’KaH saved my Vor’Cha twice in two games. More repair/shield repair cards, especially ones that act as a free action, could have kept me in the action and probably won the second game for me.
High-end fuckery with the Advanced Cloak made that little Warbird absolutely obscene.

What I’m doing Next Time
Really, this covers two different things. Next game will be Wolf 359 again..
Since the TO is no longer offering bonuses for making faction-pure fleets (the second prizes are now getting rolled for, which is bullshit but better than dealing with the drama “sportsmanship” prizes wind up causing), I think I’m going to put the Advanced Cloak on a Defiant for the next Battle of 001, and running a Defiant/Voyager build. As far as Wolf 359, however, the Klingon swarm actually ran quite well; I’m going to add a little more repair, and put Konmel (If ship is not cloaked, repair one shield) on the Raptor.

Although it’s damned tempting to take Superior Intellect and steal someone’s bullshit upgrades just to watch them burn. Once I have my Maquis fleet, my pretty..