More Trek Ships

Not my best work with a brush. I hope the frigging hand cramps stop soon – this took almost two days to paint. This is, believe it or not, the same Klingon ship design as the Q’t’inga in the last post. First I sanded and cut off most of the decorations, then rebuilt the engines. All windows and pennants are freehanded, and the Eagle has some serious resculpt work on her. The (unpainted..) hex bases are for SFB/FASA STSCS gaming; I’ve actually got a flying base mold with a cut-out hex that I can magnetize and mount them on if I need to play ACTA.

SDC10002 SDC10003
Beauty shots. I misaligned the Eagle’s accelerator cannon by about 1mm, which is enormous at this scale ><. I am actually proud of her pennants, but the engines just make me cringe. On the K-7, you can see the phaser cannon mounts at the edge of the primary wings, although the “glow” effect in the main primary-hull tube isn’t visible.

Here’s that engine mod I was talking about. Cut straight in about 1/2mm along the mold line on the engine, then sawed at a very slight angle until the engine rods were the right width. Repeated on all four sides, then carved the rear of the engine into that nifty hexagonal shape.

SDC10009 SDC10013 SDC10017 SDC10019Kicking that old-school Klink emblem. Note the impulse engines on the K-7’s arse – painting them on looked far too crap.
On the Eagle, the source materiel (the Clans of Andor supplement for Last Unicorn Games-Trek, which is not technically canon but both the book and its author were used heavily by the Enterprise writing staff) states that the ship’s armament was heavily-upgraded at the expense of crew facilities and “luxury” power. I chose to add an accelerator cannon (basically, a warp coil that fires a tac-nuke at about Warp 4) and a neck-mounted torpedo room to foreshadow the Enterprise-class refit; it has twin forward tubes and a single aft one. The warp engine intercoolers are also slightly enlarged. About the only thing that’s canon on her is the registry number..

Next up: a third K7 for the Klingon squadron, a Larson-class destroyer and a Loknar-class light cruiser.
I’ll start in on Romulans sometime next week; I’m gunning for a full squadron of early Warbirds, 2 “Science vessels”, and at least one wing of K-7s plus some classic Birds-of-Prey.


And a Q’t’inga! (Star Trek, Models)

The destroyer is now marked, freehanded all, as “U.S.S. Draugr, NCC – 63[illegible]”. I also finished a Q’t’inga* cruiser, a Clix B’Moth that I painted loosely as Q’onoS Wa’ from Star Trek VI.  Paint job on this was a bit more involved, with a faint yellow wash over an OD Green basecoat, and antiqued gold/crimson highlights. I had to freehand the impulse engines, and added the engine rods on the really crappy warp nacelles. I also drilled the torpedo/disruptor cannon in the nose. There are windows on the neck, front of the secondary hull, and front of the primary, but unfortunately the camera box is washing it out when I use a black dropcloth. Will fiddle more with the settings over the next few days.


Her name is “Wam’dIj”

portside beauty stern
Currently on the desk are several more ships. There’s a much less ornate Q’t’inga* I’ve done up as a junior captain’s – carved and sanded off most of the battle honors on the hull – and I added in sculpted impulse engines and a little better detail on the nacelles. I also have a Constitution-class I’m doing up as the queen of the Andorian “Blue Fleet”; USS Eagle/Alirith, NCC-1719. Yes, I’m mixing LUG-Trek, FASA, and canon. No, you can’t stop me! :3
I’m also about halfway into sculpting a Larson-class destroyer escort (see here), possibly to be followed by several Loknar light cruisers and an Anton or two.

(*pronounced /k’?-tʰ?i-ŋə/, not /kə-tɪn-gə/ as I hear it waay too often. If this doesn’t make sense to you, I’m afraid I don’t have the microphone to assist you :/)

Shot-up Saladin (Star Trek, Painting)

I’ve been modeling and painting, as promised. Here’s my latest project – a shot-up Saladin-class destroyer. For those of you not familiar with her, the class (also known as the “Akula”, particularly in the Movie-Era refit) originates in the Franz Joseph technical manual. The Saladin’s readout appears briefly on-screen in a couple of the movies, making her technically canon.

Saladin-class destroyer, from Franz Joseph's "almost-canon" Star Fleet Technical Manual

Saladin-class destroyer, from Franz Joseph’s “almost-canon” Star Fleet Technical Manual

My version still needs plasma vents in the neck, the deflector dish, and of course some registry numbers. On the other hand, I fixed my camera and rigged up a slightly different iteration of the camera box, which seems to be treating me pretty well.
Saladin port shot

Saladin ass shot

Saladin Starboad shot

Saladin nose shotI might go back and tear up the port-side torpedo launcher (on the front of the “bridge island” on the saucer), but this is basically complete. Note the fires visible in the port and starboard views; she’s clearly still got a few SIFs online, but either a torp blew under the command decks, or she took a shot to the dome.

To create the “deck” effect I cut a loose, ragged edge with a vertical knife, then cut horizontally into it, tearing out small chunks and flaking apart the dish. The floating saucer section is held with a short length of florist’s wire. The base is made with JB Weld Kwik Wood, press-molded with a chunk of pumice, on a chessex hexbase and using a piece of clear sprue as a support (it enters a drilled hole in the saucer, very nearly at the balance point).

As far as paint, it’s a fairly simple five-coat job, with two layers of thinned grey primer followed by a heavy white drybrush, magic-wash, and a light white brush. Weathering is neon orange, with brown drybrushed over the blast areas followed by a dried-brush black stipple.

Personal Update

Been deeply occupied with Star Trek again of late – I can feel my obsessions shifting, which is always weird. I think I may watch DS9 again this month, or try to slog through some more Enterprise to see if I can stand it this time around. Of course, Robotech Tactics is probably going to devour my brain in three or four months, but that’s well within the borders of the Undiscovered Country.
Reactivated my ST:O characters (Andorian separatists, as if anyone cares) although I’m kind of remembering why I quit in the first place – too much grinding and not enough actual fun, the which I find primarily in space combat. I’ve dug out my FASA Trek Tactical Combat Simulator rules, ACTA Star Fleet, and even SFB (God help me..). It’s time to horse around with those new models I picked up.

Debating going down to the LGS and doing a test run/backdoor demo for ACTA next weekend. Lord knows ADB and Mongoose could use the help, even if the rules are currently completely up in the air and the basement-dwelling SFB trolls keep trying to tell the ADB devs what is or is not consistent with the Star Fleet Universe.
*Ahem*  [/rant]
Still looking forward to the revision, since I recall the Gorn being insanely broken.

On the movies front, I finally watched Pacific Rim, and it is frigging awesome. As an old-school kaiju-flick fan, there was just sooooo much to love. Yeah, it’s a little stupid and inconsistent in places, but I’ll forgive a lot for a movie that uses a container ship as a melee weapon. Let alone the number of shout-outs and references..