I’ve been on a Puzzle and Dragons/Fallout kick of late, plus doing a class in Seattle. Haven’t really had much traditional gaming-related stuff to say of late.

Went out to a concert last night with the wife and a couple of friends. Was okay, enjoyed myself. It was in a new local music venue/bar started by some neighbors.
We went mostly for the headliners, who came out of semi-retirement to play benefit concerts in Olympia and Seattle for a friend with cancer (incidentally, FUCK cancer).

Band 1 : Broken Water (local metally outfit)

Set was a little slow and poppy at first, but they broke into some excellent Doom metal and had a little jam session at the end.

Band 2: Man Date
A shitty protest-porn group. Had a ten-minute song about the WTO broadcasts, ended one song with a five-minute film of someone preaching at a pride parade. Not hard enough to be punk, but not competent enough to be anything else. We all left at some point during the set to have a drink and get some air and sorta didn’t come back for the rest of it.

Band 3: Earth
Oly boys, a Drone metal group that actually got some national recognition.

They haven’t toured in ages, so we were understandably excited. I was reading Narcosa for most of the concert. The band’s long, hypnotic fugues at brain-vibrating volumes worked quite well as a backdrop to the reading material (review later), along with the billowing clouds of cannabis wafting in through the windows from the alley outside. Surprised that there were only about a hundred folks there, but we all had a hell of a time. Ran into a guy with an Erol Otus day-glo Myconid shirt, spent some time talking about gaming and running games while high/while your players are high. Good times.