About me

Longtime gamer, anime/manga fan, whore for giant robots, and linguist. I like metal and Pokemon. I’m homeschooled, stubborn as Hell, and somewhat profane. Did 7 years in the US Navy (straight out of graduation..), where I repaired avionics. Did I-level work, for those of you who know what that means. Got out with 2 shot knees, some good friends, and a lot of stories.

Bummed around, went to school, now I’m a contracted Search Engine Analyst. Can’t say who I work for, though – “The Client” doesn’t like that. I also help put on one of the local anime conventions, at least for now.

Links to posts about my history and life as a gamer:
Origin Story
Top 5 most-run and most-played games
My review criteria, which has a lot of indirect information about my gaming preferences
Finally, my first pseudo-intro post

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