A Sample Mage, using my generator from earlier (LotFP, NPCs, Spoilers)

Spoilers for my players under the jump. Plz to go away, thank you.


So, this is one of the mages I made for last week’s session, using that generator from the last post plus some of the other stuff I’m working on..
Mama Odie’ (a Vodoun of Gran Canarie)
Stats (LotFP)
4th-level Magic-User, 11 HP.
+2 Charisma modifier, -1 to Dex and Str, all others average
Skills: Occult (3), all others (1)
Languages: French Pidgin, Portugese, Spanish, Guinea Trade dialect. She is illiterate in all of them.
Training: mentor, informal.
Title/Cabal: The Turquoise Bull, of the Promethean Concordance.

Amoral, phlegmatic, venal. Sweet and kind, in her own way, but God help you if you fuck with “her” people. Or someone paid her to get rid of you. Fortunately, she can’t be arsed most of the time. Scrupulously follows rules of hospitality and metaphysical equivalent exchange.
Fond of cooking, and especially of good food and drink. Always offers some “Spirits to the Spirits”.

Mama’ is a feared – and deadly – mage. She specializes in curses, illusions, and minor spells of ruin and weal for the local people. Though illiterate, she uses Bookspeak to access her small library as-needed. Her scrolls and spell-books are intricately scrim-shawed into bones, most of which do not belong to animals.
She is muscular, black-eyed, and bears livid vitaligo-scars at each shoulder and around her left eye – which has been replaced with an orb of smoked glass. She is often drunk, and more friendly when this is so.

•Desperately lusts for the island’s governor. Has lain with him disguised as a demon, and fostered their secret child elsewhere as a black-mail “ace in the hole”. She has also convinced him that, unless he performs an elaborate ritual each night with materials only she can provide, the demon will return for his soul. She bargains sex and shelter for these items, in reality simple pot-herbs and dyes.
• She is actively working to suppress the island’s brewing slave revolt, and hopes to spirit the governor away if worst comes to worst.
• Currently, her cabal is riven by internal conflict. She chooses to remain withdrawn until one of the factions gains a decisive advantage or directly approaches her.
• She is fond of Lady Elizabeth, and has bargained a scroll of Palsied affect and a Locate Person ritual to her for a cask of whiskey and a couple of chickens. Towards all other PCs she is currently neutral or indifferent.

Nine first-level:
Arm of Zotz, Bookspeak, Bestow Murrain*, the Fearful Glance, Fecundity*, the Palsied Affect, Rot/Spoil/Curdle, Translocation of Infirmity.
Five 2nd-level:
Change Self, Detect Invisible, Knock, Locate Object, Wizard Lock.
Three 3rd-level:
Hold Person, Locate Person (as locate object)*, Speak With Dead.

Spells marked with an asterisk require a token of the person on whom the spell is cast. They are not consumed. She currently has hundreds of tokens stored in stoppered bone bottles (each with a small carved portrait of the person), encompassing much of the Black and about a third of the White population of the city. They are buried in small caskets around the perimeter of her cottage and animal coops.

Magic items:
• Bound spirit in a skull (dead, thoroughly dominated mentor. She is contemptuous and insulting to him, he is grievously wrathful but unable to speak or retaliate). It is a Talisman/Nexus of Power
• Thighbone-scroll engraved with Change Self, Hold Person, and Bestow Murrain (used to “collect” tokens from less-than-willing persons and place them in her power)
• The smoked-glass jewel in her eye-socket allows the bearer to become ethereal under starlight (as long as neither the sun nor the moon has risen). She can only be killed if no star can be seen in the sky. If she chooses, it grants comforting delusions to those who gaze into her eyes and fail a save vs. magic device. She prized it from her master’s skull, murdering him as black, foul storm-clouds summoned by a fellow Cabalist choked the sky during a great eclipse of the sun. She is currently seeking a Star Jewel, preferably set within a necklace, to gain true immortality.

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