Star Trek Attack Wing: Wolf 359 Battle Report

I was nervy as Hell going into this. I’ve played many a fighter combat system in my day, and I know Trek and its ships like the back of my hand, but I’d never played this game before. I’d only ever watched X-Wing once, but I learn fast.

When I arrived, I verified whether the T.O. had spare counters/rulers (he didn’t), and was forced to change my purchase plans. As I mentioned last post, I’d wanted to grab an Excelsior and a Defiant, plus a pack of dice, and do a quickie Federation swarm list. As the tournament was rewarding the top single-Faction list (instead of best Sportsman..), I wanted to keep it straight Feddie. Ultimately I bit the bullet and bought a base set and a Voyager expansion, because I knew it had some nice cards in it, and the Intrepid is sexy – even if I hate Jayneway. I made a fast two-ship Macross Missile Massacre list, christened the Intrepid as USS Death Blossom, and turned in my list.
My blind booster pull was the B’Moth*. Not a bad ship, but the only one I wanted less was the Jem’Hadar Bug.
*(Does anyone else find it weird that a ship that shows up for like 10 minutes in one episode wound up becoming a chase fig in Clix and a tournament-exclusive in AW? There are so many other K’ting’A in the canon..)

Full list and breakdown after the jump.

Final List (87pts of 90, +30pts from booster):
U.S.S. Voyager (gains a 360-degree attack at the cost of an Auxilary Power Token, which restricts maneuvers next turn and prevents using actions. This would turn out badly)
• Jean-Luc Picard (one free Feddie Cruiser Action every turn, but you still have to be able to do Actions)
• Photon Torpedoes (5-dice, limited arc attack that has to be reloaded with an Action and requires a Target Lock to fire. Supposed to have synergy with Picard)
• Transphasic Torpedoes (one-shot, 10-dice Torpedo attack, restricted to Voyager)
• !Base Set-Lt. Worf (Reroll all dice on one attack.)

U.S.S. Reliant (+1 attack at short range. She has some very nasty maneuvers, as well.)
• Will Riker (Can take an Action that lets the ship counter-attack at short range.)
• Photon Torpedoes (see above. The Reliant comes with a variant card that costs a little less, but I used the full-price one)
Nick Lacarno Tom Paris. (Adds one Defense die to one attack a turn)

I.K.S. B’Moth (can still take Red maneuvers even with an APT)
• Generic Klink Captain
• Klingon Photon Torpedoes (Slightly less effective, but cheaper.)
• Kunivas (Can sacrifice him to add an additional “hit” result to an attack).

Objective is to do as much damage as possible to a stationary Borg cube, in a “competitive-cooperative” environment. Winner is the one who does the most total damage to the cube, with a bonus for sufficiently outdamaging your opponent. Full rules are up on the WK website.

Das Cube. This mission used the black side.

Das Cube. This mission used the blank side.

Damage and ships

Wrecked ships and the damage counters

You may note that the counters for each side only go up to 69. I don’t think WizKids thought this one through; in multiple games, the combined damage went over 150, and we actually had one nearly crack 200. The damaged ship counters made me very happy; they’re screencaps from “The Best of Both Worlds” although unfortunately none of them are new shots or from unused footage.

Game 1:
I pulled the eventual 2nd-placer, who used a pair of Species 8472 dreadnoughts with almost no upgrades and Mike Eddington in a Maquis Raider (the booster I >really< wanted).
I started out slow, testing out maneuvers and coordination, with a drive up the center of the board and slightly raking the cube (to keep it in arc as long as possible). My own movement started out as a complete clusterfuck, accidentally fouling ships on each other left and right, but I quickly got the hang of it. I lost by 10 points of damage, but kept all my ships (my opponent lost a bio-ship and Eddington). If I’d been more aggressive on turn 1 (my first ship wasn’t in range until Turn 3), and had a better feel for the maneuverability of my ships, I’d have probably won handily. The Bioships had high base damage, but could only stay engaged for four turns before having to break away and come around; my Fleet could – with proper tactics – stay engaged for the entire fight. He lost his second game, and only won the third (against the Swarm list below) because the Swarm got shot up in the last 7 minutes of the round, so he got to spend 3 extra rounds maneuvering and firing with no opponent to slow him down.

We began joking that Picard was driving the short bus during this game; at one point, three separate players had all misjudged their movements and fouled him on another ship (preventing him from using his ability). Now I want to paint up an Intrepid in the colors of the Steiner School for Tactical Excellence..

Game 2:
Drew another newbie; this was his third Trek Wing tournament, although he’d been playing X-Wing for longer. His fleet was a horribly confused mish-mash of a Borg Sphere with Picard on board, a Negh’Var with Gul Dukat, and a Jem’Hadar Bug (the booster).
I opened with the Reliant and Voyager sliding straight up the center (the Reliant taking the lead), and the Voyager slipping in on her port quarter. Meanwhile, the B’Moth cloaked and pulled a long, lazy turn, locking on on its second turn before barraging the Cube with torps. The other fleet started in the corner, and proceeded to foul himself most egregiously whilst complaining that he wasn’t in range yet (my three ships soaked some thirty attack dice in the initial turns, as the Borg attack the closest ships). Picard continued to foul himself on debris, other ships, and his own shoelaces. I wound up using his ability only three times out of a total of 11 turns due to APTs and fouling. What a waste of points.

In the ensuing turns, I unloaded a massive missile swarm, but (critically) fouled Picard on the third turn (when he was supposed to reload torps and fire) by miscalculating the Cube’s arc-of-fire and hitting a debris cloud. He shot over the borg ship, reloading while firing the Voyager’s aft array into the Cube, then cleared the APT and opened up with the torps in his rear arc – it was an absolutely gorgeous sight, and made me a bit smug.
Unfortunately, on the next-to-last turn, the Reliant took a crit that gave her an APT, and I’d just slammed her into Full Astern (giving a second token, which I didn’t have time to clear, and preventing me from using torpedoes that round, or Riker’s Counter Attack the next). Then the Reliant and B’Moth got shot to shit; even with Picard doing yeoman service (5+ damage a round, and he did a staggering 11 damage with the Transphasics), I lost.
By one point.
Riker’s counter attack would have likely tied for me, and the torps would almost certainly have won it; that would have put me in second place by game points. Alas, such was not to be.
Game was fun, although my opponent was that peculiar combination of newbish clueless – he was used to X-wing and kept using its terminology/dice/etc – and slightly cheaty (he kept pre-measuring movement) you run into at these things sometimes.

Game 3: Drew a bye. I sat around shooting the shit with the TO, practicing fleet maneuvers, and watching the other games. Would rather have been playing, but I’d injured myself in the first round so the break wasn’t unwelcome.


Final placement: 6th in a field of 9, and second-place single-faction list. Not bad for my literal first two games ever with the system.

The winner was an absolutely obscene Bajoran swarm, with 4 Interceptors, a Feddie Fighter squadron, and a Bug. He used !Scoutship-Kira to give the swarm target locks, and spammed “Battle Stations” orders (which give better hit/evade chances) or Evasive Actions. Because of the special rules, he was putting out between 18 and 30 damage a round once he made contact, and in an average of 6-turn games that adds up fast.

Another interesting list was a pure Cardie setup, with a Keldon-class and a couple light fighter squadrons; she drew the Saber (a Feddie missile boat), which everyone agreed was far superior to the “prize” (the U.S.S. Raven, Seven of Nine’s parents’ ship). She also lost every game, generally badly, but was fun to watch fight.

Lessons learned: Practice fleet maneuvers. I’m refighting this mission in September; I’ll almost certainly ditch Picard and the Transphasics for another ship. The added damage from 4 rounds of combat is going to outweigh that 10-dice attack handily, not to mention spreading out the Borg’s damage. Let’s hope I pull something I actually want next time – but at least my Klink fleet is operational now. In retrospect, I also shouldn’t have taken the named K’t’ingA, instead adding in the Tritium Intermix; I didn’t realize shields didn’t regenerate when I made the list, so I prioritized them over the ability to repair. That would likely also have won the second game for me.

Swag: (click for embiggenation)
Fleet Captain Resource Cards. I really like the Federation one (heavy synergy with my current fleet list), and I can see several being useful with my eventual Maquis fleet.
Fleet Captain - Independent-DOM Fleet Captain - Independent-FED Fleet Captain - Independent-KLI Fleet Captain - Independent-ROM Fleet Captain Ref CardThe B’Moth blister:

So much better than the Clix version.

So much better than the Clix version.

Maneuver dial ain't bad either.

Maneuver dial ain’t bad either.

B'Moth Weapons and Tech B'Moth Crew and CaptainsB'Moth shield card B'moth lock card B'Moth card 1

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