Star Trek Attack Wing: U.S.S. Saratoga Conversion/Repaint

As I mentioned over on the Tumblr, an unexpected windfall left me able to play in the Attack Wing tourney today; AAR next post. I spent last night painting up my Saratoga conversion. The original intent was to stick Ben Sisko in his Saratoga (played by the “Miranda-class” card), Clark Terrel in a generic Excelsior, and Sulu or a generic in the Defiant. Yeah, I know, about as anachronistic as you can get, but it was what I could get out of the cheapest possible setup for the tourney..

I was originally going to compare paint jobs by basecoat, then convert up the Sara and use the best. I wound up simply blazing through the conversion and paintjob to save time – a full photoset would have kept me up until the wee hours.
Top -> bottom:
Original Attack Wing mini
Stripped/black primed Heroclix with a grey basecoat and a magic wash
Untouched white-primered Heroclix

The white primejob was shit (and somehow repelling the ink, while the black one had no issues.) So I stripped, washed, and converted the white mini. The side extensions are taken from a 1:144 ERTL Space Shuttle kit – the “wings” are cut from the LANDSAT’s solar panels (the texture sisn’t show up, alas), and the wingtip scanners are built up from one of the payload bay lab’s instruments.
Incidentally, the first model I ever put together was one of those shuttles, back in ’88. I still remember the heady stench of oranges and the huge number of fingerprints on the finished model. Played it to death. I got ahold of a pair more recently when a hobby shop went out of business and converted them into mini-Leopard dropships for Battletech..
This pic was taken right after the first, very dilute, wash.


IMG_20140809_235752_087The final product. Paint job was slightly improved after these pics were taken, adding in the port-side running lights and cleaning up the dome/base of bridge paint-job


Img copyright Christie's: no challenge intended, displayed under the Fair Use doctrine for educational purposes.

Image copyright Christie’s: no challenge intended, displayed under the Fair Use doctrine for educational purposes.

Compare to the “official” model for Heroclix/Attack Wing, and the original Reliant. The Saratoga mini was a re-dress of this miniature.

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  1. I realy like the repaint of the USS Saratoga. Do you have more Fotos (reference material) from Christie’s auction?


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