June Fair, or How I Spent My Weekend

Got dragged out to Port Gamble for June Fair this weekend. No photos, since I don’t bring cameras to SCA events – just doesn’t seem right.
Had a lot of fun, although I thoroughly embarrassed myself at the butts – hit a rather large target only once at ten yards. Daddy needs some practice and a decent bow. On the other hand, I managed to cook some absolutely stunning pork chops and pretty good hash.
I also managed to get a young Hebress away from the apprentice scribe (who was illuminating some practice capitols), answer said lady’s questions about script and tools, and got to play with one of the master-scribe’s quills and walnut ink for my troubles. Paper was modern, and a little too thirsty, but her tools were a pleasure to use. Also got an offer of paper for my book-binding; this means I really do have to get on the stick with my press and scribal gear.

Only one of our Society friends was on-site, alas, but we might run into some more at the Honey War this month.

It looks like we might be putting together a house. Brother #3 is going full-on Viking (~6th century), as is a friend of mine from Sakuracon; wife’s brother is undecided, but his woman is very much for the idea of something “flowy and Roman”. Brother #2 is gearing up as a Byzantine of a similar era, which is utterly in keeping with the concept of a Vyking crew. Wife tends toward the 14th century.
Me? I like mid-17th century, which is slightly out-period. Could probably get away with late 16th, however, and Lord knows I’m comfortable in a Norse craftsman’s garb. Regardless, I need to get set up to start competing and maybe even find a master.

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