Reactor, Online… (Battletech, etc.)

Back online after the usual recovery/sanity period surrounding Sakuracon. We had a great year – it looks like we may actually hit our soft-cap next year – and my staff were as always pretty cool. Even got some game time in, along with the Gundam panel. I’ll have pics of S-con and ECCC later, along with commentary, but the posts are kinda stalled on my dashboard for now. Work is, as always, driving me slowly mad and ate the last week of the month; combine that with spring cleaning and you wind up with a month of dead blog. Sorry about the delay.

But enough about me, on to the content.

First off, a friend of mine had a birthday this week; he’s a big Seahawks fan, so I did him up a plastic Marauder in the 12th Donegal Guards’ colors, with a freehanded Seahawks logo.

Inn't she purty?

Inn’t she purty?

This is the first actual painting session I’ve managed to finish without cramping up or fucking up since I broke my hand last year. Now I need to get back on the stick..

Which is where the second part of this comes in. I’ve started work again on the Black Widows campaign I’ve been kicking around for months.

First step (yesterday and today) was finding the units, ‘Mechs, and planets used in each scenario, along with any special props and rules that might be required.

The next step, which should take about a week, will be updating the scenarios. See, Tales of the Black Widow Company isn’t actually a BattleTech book. It’s a BattleDroids supplement, crudely updated and shoveled out the door. Several things in it violate canon or construction rules (the Super Wasps and Griffin are infamous in this regard), and it was written using only ten standard ‘Mech designs throughout (plus two Mackies and the Supers). Hell, two of the units mentioned don’t even technically exist, nor do a couple of the planets. So.. yeah. I’m adding some iconic House ‘Mechs to each group (for example, swapping in Valkyries and Javelins for the Davion lights), altering others to give a slightly better balance, and swapping or enlarging the maps for a more tactical game (All of the scenarios use 1×2 or 2×1 setups of the original BattleDroids/BattleTech boxed set mapsheet with minor alterations).

Part of the ‘Mech cataloging process will be going through my collection and massaging the two to fit each other. Much as I love the Griffin, I don’t have twenty of them I can allocate to the pile (although the two booster boxes of Dougram gashapon I just picked up are certainly helping..), and adding in, say, a few Wolverines will certainly help matters.

After the cataloging comes the painting. Some are already painted (the Super Wasp, a couple generic Davion ‘Mechs), and I’ll be posting the WiP shots of the rest as I get into it.  88 total unpainted ‘Mechs at the moment, although with some list tweaks I can probably cut that down to ~80, and at least 10* different color schemes. I even get to paint the better part of a company of pirates (from the Santander Killers). If that doesn’t get me back on form, not sure what will..

For the edification and amusement of myself and my players, I’ll be playtesting my Random ‘Mech Quirks document as well (after the break, along with the unit breakdown).

These are still unfinished, but should be fun.
Mech Quirk tables (Peripherat and Succession Wars) – Open Document format
Mech Quirk tables (Peripherat and SW)  – PDF format

* The units and strengths are:
12+ – The Black Widow Company. Initial strength is as listed in the book, with new units added after pilot deaths, etc. Should be fun/funny to watch.
9 – Davion Guards RCT (I’m using the “pinstripe” scheme for the Guards, since this takes place in the 3020s)
15 – Eridani Light Horse  (fortunately, these will also pass as generic Star League, so I can use them for Reunification War scenarios. Especially with Dem Mackies.)
12 – 21st Centauri Lancers
4 – 21st Illician Lancers – Tan with crimson and forest green highlights
7 – Meistmourn Academy training unit, on Doneval II (Painting as Draconis March Militia)
3 – Davion militia vees (Dahar PDZ, so DMM as well)
8 – Capellan March Militia/Syrtis Fusiliers (Mikey Hasek-Davion’s bodyguards, currently painting as 6th Syrtis, the “Duke’s Own”)
3 – The Bounty Hunter and 2 bodyguards (great excuse to buy that Primitive Shad, if I didn’t already have like 15 of the standard ones..)
3 – NAIS Training Cadre (already got one done, the Super Wasp.)
9 – Santander Killers (no reference, “Black and Silver” – Using the scheme from the cover of the old boxed Fire Lance set, with “Lisa”. See this post for the reasoning. )
4 – Smithson’s Chinese Bandits
2 – Terran Hegemony (the Mackies)
6 – Wrecked Light ‘Mechs. 3 from the Widow’s Recce lance, 3 from the 21st Ilician.

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  1. Tom Allmendinger

     /  March 6, 2016

    This came up on my search for “battletech nuke” images



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