The Good Ship (insert name here) (New LotFP Ship types, campaign stuff)

Next session is Sunday. Huzzah! I’ll be doing some bookkeeping, then running Forgive Us. Review to follow.

New rules after the break.

As you may recall, my players capped a ship, and I figured I’d stat her out here. The characters plan to rename her. Incidentally, the Lamentations rules make ship’s tonnage of cargo and crews hilariously inflated compared to their historical counterparts, so bear that in mind as you read this.

S.S. St. Yvette (Portugese registry)
Low-quality Caravel
2-masted, lateen-rigged* (ignores first 25% of positive or negative wind effects)
Speed: 60 nm / day (can still sail ~15m/day directly into the wind)

Arms: 3 swivel guns* (4 mounts on sterncastle, 1 mount forward), one light cannon (currently tied amidships facing to starboard).
11 barrels powder, 13 5-lb shot, 21 1-lb shot, + 1 hundredweight of lead, crew armaments. 3 metal breeches for each swivel gun.
Cargo: 40t, including ~5t hidden compartment (5t liquor, 15t grain).
Crew: 15 + 2 officers (monthly upkeep: 950 sp, 3 shares for sailors: 1 share, 100 sp for Master of Sail. Ship’s surgeon is a PC.)
Marines: currently 5 (1 additional full share, if combat encountered)
SHP: 20 max, currently @ 16 (repairing in port)

*****New Weapon:*****
Swivel guns:
These are crew-served weapons, a little smaller than cannon and a little bigger than Muskets. They are also known, among other things, as “rail” or “wall” guns.  They were among the first weapons to use “cartridges” as we think of them today – instead of simply loading at the breech, they inserted a fully-loaded metal breech, which would be hammered home with a wedge or otherwise locked before firing.
One barrel of powder is worth about 100 shots.
A Swivel or Wall gun must be mounted onto a wall or large animal (camel, elephant, etc.)  before firing. No, horses aren’t big enough. Not even Percherons.
Range: 100/400/1000 feet
Common setups:
Swivel gun (no lock, breechloader, mounts into a fork on the ship’s gunwales, takes only 5 rounds to reload if breeches are available, otherwise takes 12),
Cost: 125sp plus 50sp per breech (urban with foundry only)

Wall Gun (mounted on a carriage or hooked into gun-slits in the wall, match/wheel/flintlock, muzzle-loading [12 rounds to reload]). May use 2 locks (often a wheel and a matchlock; the gun can immediately be fired again using the other lock if the misfire is not an explosion or bad load)
Cost: 150sp, plus lock costs (urban), 300 sp (rural)

Punt Gun (This is basically a 1 or 2-gauge shotgun. Any lock, can only fire scattershot, can be mounted in a rowboat. Kills all exposed game in the targeted area, but only does 1d6 damage to man-sized targets, since it uses very light shot.) Range is 50/150/—
Cost: 60sp (urban) 150sp (rural)

Damage: 1d30/1d3 Ship-HP.
-10 to hit an individual target, breath save to avoid completely.
Half range, no Ship-scale damage, 45 degree cone doing 1d20 damage (save for half) at short range, 1d10 at Medium, and none at Long. Uses a pound of musket-balls.

*****New Rule: Rigging types: *****
Square: as book.  Run across the wind at 1/4 speed, cannot tack.
Fore-and-aft (includes lateen and schooner rigs): ignores 25% of penalties or bonuses from wind, but can still be becalmed. Can tack into the wind at 1/4 speed in a tactical situation. Run across the wind at full speed.
Hybrid rig (Barque, Caravella Rotunda, etc): ignores 10% of penalties only from wind. Can tack into the wind at 1/8 speed in tactical situations.  Run across the wind at half speed.

Longships, tri- and quadriremes, cogs, and carracks are always square-rigged.
Caravels and all warships (galleon, cutter, brig, corvette, frigate, barque, etc.) are Hybrid-rigged after 1450.
All Galleys, “sailboats” (yachts), most Caravels, cutters, and sloops (see below) are fore-and-aft rigged.

The ship may be re-rigged for 10% of its original cost and 1 week per mast at a reasonably-equipped port.
*****New ship types: ******
Speed: 66 nm/day (sail) — (no oars)
Fore-and-aft rigged, 1-2 masts, 5 crew per mast.
20 SHP, + 5 per mast
10t cargo per mast, often used for cannon or other weapons @1t each, plus 1t for provisions.
The sloop is a light, fast ship – basically a small cutterused as frequently by smugglers and small-time pirates as it is by legitimate navies and merchants.

Speed: 70nm/day (sail)
Fore-and-aft rigged, 1 mast, 5 crew/mast, plus helmsman.
10 SHP
2t cargo.
May only mount swivel guns and Class 1 cannon facing any direction but straight aft. May be towed by a long-boat.
Most civilian fishing-boats are of this class, as well as many smuggling vessels or mail packets. They typically run severely overloaded in civilian use, negating their slight speed advantage over a sloop.

Gunboat/Mortar Ketch
Speed: 12 nm/day (sail or oars)
Fore-and-aft rigging, 1 mast, 5 crew (1 sailor/steersman, 4 oarsmen) plus gunners
3t Cargo.
The gunboat is basically a stripped-down military conversion of a yacht. They mount one cannon or a heavy Bombard, usually facing aft. A mortar ketch is one of the only ships designed to fire heavy mortars (category 3-4 or more..), and are used when besieging a port city. Gunboats are usually used to sink boarding vessels, something like modern Combat Air Patrol, but rarely appear – or survive – in a true naval engagement.

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