And a Q’t’inga! (Star Trek, Models)

The destroyer is now marked, freehanded all, as “U.S.S. Draugr, NCC – 63[illegible]”. I also finished a Q’t’inga* cruiser, a Clix B’Moth that I painted loosely as Q’onoS Wa’ from Star Trek VI.  Paint job on this was a bit more involved, with a faint yellow wash over an OD Green basecoat, and antiqued gold/crimson highlights. I had to freehand the impulse engines, and added the engine rods on the really crappy warp nacelles. I also drilled the torpedo/disruptor cannon in the nose. There are windows on the neck, front of the secondary hull, and front of the primary, but unfortunately the camera box is washing it out when I use a black dropcloth. Will fiddle more with the settings over the next few days.


Her name is “Wam’dIj”

portside beauty stern
Currently on the desk are several more ships. There’s a much less ornate Q’t’inga* I’ve done up as a junior captain’s – carved and sanded off most of the battle honors on the hull – and I added in sculpted impulse engines and a little better detail on the nacelles. I also have a Constitution-class I’m doing up as the queen of the Andorian “Blue Fleet”; USS Eagle/Alirith, NCC-1719. Yes, I’m mixing LUG-Trek, FASA, and canon. No, you can’t stop me! :3
I’m also about halfway into sculpting a Larson-class destroyer escort (see here), possibly to be followed by several Loknar light cruisers and an Anton or two.

(*pronounced /k’?-tʰ?i-ŋə/, not /kə-tɪn-gə/ as I hear it waay too often. If this doesn’t make sense to you, I’m afraid I don’t have the microphone to assist you :/)

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