Shot-up Saladin (Star Trek, Painting)

I’ve been modeling and painting, as promised. Here’s my latest project – a shot-up Saladin-class destroyer. For those of you not familiar with her, the class (also known as the “Akula”, particularly in the Movie-Era refit) originates in the Franz Joseph technical manual. The Saladin’s readout appears briefly on-screen in a couple of the movies, making her technically canon.

Saladin-class destroyer, from Franz Joseph's "almost-canon" Star Fleet Technical Manual

Saladin-class destroyer, from Franz Joseph’s “almost-canon” Star Fleet Technical Manual

My version still needs plasma vents in the neck, the deflector dish, and of course some registry numbers. On the other hand, I fixed my camera and rigged up a slightly different iteration of the camera box, which seems to be treating me pretty well.
Saladin port shot

Saladin ass shot

Saladin Starboad shot

Saladin nose shotI might go back and tear up the port-side torpedo launcher (on the front of the “bridge island” on the saucer), but this is basically complete. Note the fires visible in the port and starboard views; she’s clearly still got a few SIFs online, but either a torp blew under the command decks, or she took a shot to the dome.

To create the “deck” effect I cut a loose, ragged edge with a vertical knife, then cut horizontally into it, tearing out small chunks and flaking apart the dish. The floating saucer section is held with a short length of florist’s wire. The base is made with JB Weld Kwik Wood, press-molded with a chunk of pumice, on a chessex hexbase and using a piece of clear sprue as a support (it enters a drilled hole in the saucer, very nearly at the balance point).

As far as paint, it’s a fairly simple five-coat job, with two layers of thinned grey primer followed by a heavy white drybrush, magic-wash, and a light white brush. Weathering is neon orange, with brown drybrushed over the blast areas followed by a dried-brush black stipple.

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