Personal Update

Been deeply occupied with Star Trek again of late – I can feel my obsessions shifting, which is always weird. I think I may watch DS9 again this month, or try to slog through some more Enterprise to see if I can stand it this time around. Of course, Robotech Tactics is probably going to devour my brain in three or four months, but that’s well within the borders of the Undiscovered Country.
Reactivated my ST:O characters (Andorian separatists, as if anyone cares) although I’m kind of remembering why I quit in the first place – too much grinding and not enough actual fun, the which I find primarily in space combat. I’ve dug out my FASA Trek Tactical Combat Simulator rules, ACTA Star Fleet, and even SFB (God help me..). It’s time to horse around with those new models I picked up.

Debating going down to the LGS and doing a test run/backdoor demo for ACTA next weekend. Lord knows ADB and Mongoose could use the help, even if the rules are currently completely up in the air and the basement-dwelling SFB trolls keep trying to tell the ADB devs what is or is not consistent with the Star Fleet Universe.
*Ahem*  [/rant]
Still looking forward to the revision, since I recall the Gorn being insanely broken.

On the movies front, I finally watched Pacific Rim, and it is frigging awesome. As an old-school kaiju-flick fan, there was just sooooo much to love. Yeah, it’s a little stupid and inconsistent in places, but I’ll forgive a lot for a movie that uses a container ship as a melee weapon. Let alone the number of shout-outs and references..

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  1. Pacific Rim: Okay for action, but that ship woulda folded like a drinking straw. And what’s with all the atmospheric heating up when you’re a ginormous robot falling from a mere 30,000 feet? And the… aw, never mind.


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