Home Again &c.

Back from my sister’s place. Acquired much miniature conversion fodder and Pokemon Y.
I now own 6 of the 11 total mini types created for Crimson Skies (too bad they still ignored 3 of the original 14 planes, but hey..), as well as a surprise bounty of 1990’s-era Star Trek Micro Machines – which used the same molds as many of the modern Star Trek Attack Wing and Clix models. It’s on. I’ve also got kitbashing materials for the DS9 Tech Manual/Star Fleet Tech Manual/Wolf 359 & Unification ship variants, not to mention the “Phoenix” variant of the Nebula-class. All I’m missing for the Feddies is a Miranda, an Enterprise Class/Constitution Refit (depending on what side of that particular divide you fall), and an Olympic – I imagine pretty much everything from First Contact is going to be pretty commonly available in the Clix sets.

Then it’s Klink time…

My Romulan fleet is actually in pretty good shape. Right now I’m also using several “modern” ships to proxy for stuff in ACTA Star Fleet. For example, the Romulan “Science Vessel” is a pretty decent Hawk, the “Old” BoP from Enterprise is an excellent Snipe or War Eagle (with the larger BoP then standing in for the King Eagle), and the KBoPs make great zipperhead Frigates for either side.

Anyway, I’m gonna go clean up and sleep. Tomorrow’s a busy day, but hopefully I’ll be able to get some photos together or something.

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