Ahh, Nerves. (Miniatures)

I mentioned my broken hand earlier. It’s still giving me some trouble, but I’m back up to painting. Now I just need to get 3 months of dust off my brush and gear up for my Battlecry bucket. And that sexy, sexy MAC II.
I built a test lightbox today (although it’s pretty freaking ghetto at the moment..) and decided to test it with some of my old minis.

1-285 Archer-Spartan - Desert Camo - FrontWell.. maybe not perfect, but the top one was with a cell phone and the bottom one was with my now inexplicably-busted camera. In macro mode. DC ARC 21-400 Zaku II-J - Asian Theater - Front 1-400 Zaku II-J - Asian Theater - SideIMG_20130623_244433_156On the other hand, this shit is comparatively gorgeous. Now I need to fix my camera and start flocking a box bottom.

In other news, I’ve been working and binding books for a couple people on my Christmas list. I’m teaching myself to blind-stamp, which is rather a lot of fun. More on that as it develops.

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  1. Hey what does that BT sized Zaku II come from? I was looking at some Gundam keychains trying to figure out if they would fit the scale right.

    • This is a 1/400-scale Gundam Collection model (I believe one of the high-pose Zaku IIs from Gundam Collection Neo 1). You can still find limited quantities on Ebay and Yahoo Auctions Japan,though they’ve been out of production for a while in favor of larger models. The 1/400 Gundam stuff matches up well with 1/285 models from BattleTech, Robotech Tactics, and other lines, while the 1/300 “Strategy of Gundam” and more recent lines match up better with 1:100 or 1:144 models.


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