On Pact Magic. Also, Pokemon.

I was musing on Rumplestiltskin earlier and had a realization – it makes an enormous amount of sense if demons and/or devils can only work magic at the behest of others.
I mean, usually it’s already assumed that any bargains they make are for their “own benefit”. Why are the wishes perverted? Not just because they have their own fury and eternities of repression to work out. It’s also steps toward the long-term goal. And no matter how many mortals you fuck over, there’s always another wizard who thinks he’s clever.. or thinks the wishes he has rattling around in his head are his own doing.


John William Waterhouse – depicting a mortal about to do something incredibly stupid.

One of the reasons I’ve been so quiet the last week is that I finally started that Platinum Nuzlocke run. I’m using a modified ruleset (but doesn’t everyone?).
• Can only save at the end of a play session.
• Release any fainted pokemon, and can’t use HM’s on a fainted one.
• Only the first ‘Mon on any route can be captured, although trades, breeding, and gifts are okay.
• Can’t use items in combat. Can only use items picked up from the ground, no buying. Berries can be grown and held.
• Can’t leave an instance to heal until it’s completed.
So far it’s been a hell of a lot of fun, although I had to restart twice before the first gym after my starter got killed by crits in the rival duel >.>. It’s interesting being forced to use utter crap, and having severe weaknesses in my team because of the dual-types I’m rocking (grass/poison, fire/fight, normal/fly, normal/water, and rock/ground).

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