Busy Busy Binder (project)

Today I rigged up a bookbinding press and glued my second text block ever. As usual, I’ll be doing a more detailed “how-to” once I get the process down better. I’m testing several methods, focusing on 15th-16th century binding, as part of the folio project I mentioned earlier.IMG_20131202_170323_704Items (costs included), clockwise from upper left, top to bottom:
3m Sanding Sponge, 400 grit ($2.99) – I use this for modeling and various other things as well.
Fiskars 5″x9″ guillotine paper trimmer, ($10 on sale at Michaels)
Outdoor-rated Mod-Podge ($6.50, same)
Jute twine, various weights, and waxed leather thread [the black spool at the bottom] ($5 all told, left over from a leatherworking project)
Rubber mallet, 2# ($1.5 at Daiso Japan, a hundred-yen store in Seattle)
Ruler (45 c)
Standard safety razor blade ($1/pkg 5, Ace hardware)
Linen bias tape ($2, Jo-Ann’s, sale)
Bone Folder ($6, Dick Blick)
Folding Japanese-style saw ($9, Home Depot, bought for camping) note: Japanese saws cut on both the draw and push stroke – this isn’t just me being a weeaboo.
Awl ($1.50, another leftover leatherworking tool from Daiso)
Ghetto bookbinding press  – 2x  2″x1″ C clamps (local hardware store, $3.50 each) and a couple 9″x1″x1/2″ strips of maple, which were left over from a prop project. I’ll give it feet later.

This setup lets me bind books roughly B4-6 and A4-6, which suits me fine. Total cost is ~$50, which means 5 books at $10 to break even. Should be doable in theory, but the craft fair is in 2 days. Wheeee!

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  1. mombeard

     /  December 2, 2013

    Make one for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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