Okay, I Lied (A Little) (also I updated stuff)

Just got back from Seattle. Hurt myself a bit during the trip, so posting tomorrow may be delayed depending on how I feel when the painkillers wear off. On the other hand, it was surprisingly profitable, both in connections, and in picking up the deposit check from my old apartment.

I picked up a foam sword with a really nice 1862-pattern Cutlass hilt. Going to see if I can’t get it cleaned up and resculpted a bit by Hallowe’en, and make a scabbard/blade for it. Hell, I might have an actual costume sword again for the first time in ages.

Apparently my Alpha Strike book came in, so it’s time to pick it up and run some large-scale stress tests with my brother. More on that as events warrant.

I also went through and cleaned up my Resin Casting tutorial posts, adding Step markers to part 2 and removing some naughty words. Now they’re SFW!  (Yeah, I did it because my boss’s daughter is going to go through them shortly, don’t judge me.)

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