Hacking the Lamentations Spells list


I’ve been putting together a list of random magic user spells, as part of the folio project I mentioned a couple posts ago. Looking at the additional spells from LotFP’s secondary materials, I came to some interesting realizations.

First off, there are no additional Cleric spells. All the LotFP materials relating to Clerical spells, in fact, are basically about stealing them.. Kind of makes sense, what with Law not tinkering as much with their power as Chaos, but adding more Clerical spells is definitely something I’ll look at more later. Right now I’m rooting through my old Priest’s Spell Compendia to see if anything catches the eye. I might even swap all protective magic to the Clerical sphere, although I’d rather just fiddle with one thing at a time.

But the combination of Magic-user spells mentioned and presented in the First-Level Spell contest and the modules I have (Better Than Any Man, Tales of the Scarecrow, Death Frost Doom, Gingerbread Princess, Dungeon/Isle of the Unknown, The God that Crawls) actually present a fairly balanced and interesting list for magi on their own. 
Granted, the attack spells seem limited at first blush. Wrathful Scrotum, Gluttonous Eye, Palsied Affect, Gingerbread Curse, Scalding Touch, Burnt Potency (I upped these two to 2nd-level), Shadow Bane, Firebat, Hail of Stonesand the last four are all modified Magic Missiles. But I like the way they each say something about the wizard, and the way each feels more like a curse or manipulation of reality, rather than spraying raw magic power about. The one spell that comes closest to conventional “fireball blasting” is Burnt Potency and that’s some scary shit for anyone to use.

There are a few true physical alterations – the Gingerbread Curse, Decay Corpse, Plastinate. A single Warding spell – Precipitation Immunity.
The rest group pretty comfortably into bargains (where something is traded for something of similar value, usually with a tax), enhancing the wizard’s perceptions (including unnatural understanding of speech and symbols), or altering others’ perceptions.
I think I’ll pull some appropriate spells from 2e, like Remove Disease, which fit this paradigm, and swap out things like Mending for Fixing Spell and its ilk.

Unfortunately, my players seem to be terrified of playing mages. But it’ll make for some fun NPCs.

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