Miscellaneous site updates, and yet another project from me addled head

Been busting ass lately at work, but I updated the firearms post. There are still some differences from the way LotFP “officially” handles guns, but I’ve adopted the printed reload rules. I’m also repairing broken links and other miscellaneous errors in the backend of the site, but most of what I’m writing right now is actually for the upcoming campaign.
Then there’s this..
Draft of folio
I’ve been working working off and on a folio and/or Octavo version of the first several levels of the LotFP Magic section, including all the extra spells from modules and such, a few of my own, and stuff adapted from older sources. Since I don’t currently have a PC mage, it’s not as pressing a concern as getting my adventures and house rules crap hammered out. Still, hand-bound octavo of spells = awesome. Eventually I hope to do mini spell-books for all my arcanists, both as a prop and as a way to keep the spells they use as handy as possible.

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