Happy Birthday to Me

Wellp, a third of a century old now.

The LGS has some MW:Annihilation figs (N-scale Battletech) for $5 a booster, so I grabbed a couple. Pulled a Point of Enyo Strike Tanks, 2 squads of Angerona BA, one of Grey Death Standards with MG, a chase-fig Night Stalker, and a Havoc – which is basically the newtech Jenner everyone’s been wanting to see since 3045. Night Stalker’s going to need some pretty extensive rework (the arms impinge on the hips and the waist angle is just silly) before it can see a tabletop, but the rest are just going to need a strip/paint and be ready to go.

Now I just have to figure out how I want to paint this force up. Got a little much Clantech for the Magistracy, or I’d totally go for them. Then again, with the Unseen N-scalers and the old-tech Atlas I bodged together out of that horrid Hasbani thing,

The aformentioned hideous PoS.

The aformentioned hideous PoS.

I might be able to do a split-out Canopian force and throw the Clanner stuff at a RotS unit. Give me an excuse to buy one of those superheavies, too.

In the meantime it’s back to the ol’ grindstone to pay rent and earn money for toys & oatmeal. Busy working on more content, so I might actually post, like, multiple days in a row and shit. We’ll see.

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