Mecha Artist dump

In keeping with my tradition of putting stuff here for my own use, here are some of my favorite mecha artist’s pages. I may come back through later and add in stores, this was just me tossing something up there.
Captain 06 – Battletech and Nuetech, with a side in realistic military and flying lolis without pants.
T-TA – Mech redesigns, mostly of Nuetech, and a little fanart
Mecha Fighter – Renders, multiangle. Good sculpting reference.
S. Shimizu – Largely conventional 3/4 lineart, but a wide range of subjects and decent references

Alex Iglesias – AKA Flyingdebris. Doug Chaffee’s replacement for covers.
Anthony Scroggins – AKA Shimmeringsword
Dave White– Mecha Master
Kristian Borg – digital art of BT
Eric Ou – Tanks and other fun things
Mike Jackson – Sourcebook artist with a side in covers and card art
Justin Nelson Bad shading, good fundamentals. Did the Re-Re-Reseen primitives.

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