More playtime, and a Firefall diversion

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Jim linked my review right after I went south on a wedding anniversary vacation, then I had a crapload of convention work and a houseguest up from the Carolinas. Oh, and this. Because Tribes devs making a Tribes MMO? Fuck. Yes. Plays pretty much like I remember, only without catching a rail in the forehead every time you set foot outside your base in anything less than a super-heavy suit.

On the RPG front, I took the Guns Guns Guns! files down south. Got a bit more work done, but brother #2 decided to haul out the Basic books and have a go with the sibs and parents. I finally got to trot out Pragha the Blue, aka Pragha the Perverse, summoner and seige-mage extraordinaire. Extraordinary in this case because he’d gambled away his spellbook (a severe drinking binge and gambling off his gear is how I usually explain restarting any character at low levels..) and gotten shafted with no actual offensive spells. Managed to walk away with the highest body count, after casting “kerosene, vodka, and torch” on a patrol of beastmen, then getting another group to flee the dungeon after giving me all their money ( I told them that Dad’s dwarf was magically slowed down by throwing money at him, and I’d use it to slow him down more effectively while they ran away. I totally didn’t.), and using Control Fires on the beastmen’s cook (or rather, the fire he was bent over in the surprise round). Fun times. I almost managed to convince the party to just steal the Beastie’s stolen cargo boats to sell them down the river, but that was shouted down (rightly so) as unadventurous. Adventure ended with us locked in a small room whose walls were (postem my wife deciding to sit in a throne in a room clearly marked all over with snakes and shit) bleeding snakes profusely. Good times.


This Friday, we had the Carolina guest up, so we took the nigh-obligatory trip to Mount Rainier. Of course, the clouds rolled in immediately.IMG_20130712_121025_357Got a couple surprisingly good photos of the peak, though, they rose for a few minutes while we were up Paradise way.
IMG_20130712_121710_085There was still ~2 feet of snow on the ridge in mid-July, although it was patchier elsewhere.
Here’s a shot down into the valley, with a blatantly posing marmot thrown in. Cheeky little bastard didn’t even whistle, just started hamming it up when he saw cameras come out.
IMG_20130712_122014_610Some delectable steel from the trip outIMG_20130712_151057_617
Wrenched my knee on the way out, spent Saturday laid up and Sunday over at Dragonfest judging the cosplay contest. Couldn’t take photos from the stage, sadly, but a fantastic pony gijinka, a Tiny Tina from BL2, and a Fire Emblem:Radiant Dawn Ike won. There was also a adult/child Black Butler pair that were frigging adorable, and picked up “Judges’ Choice”.  Judging was tough, there were a lot of really good costumes, but it did make my at-con job easier to know who won right away :b

That pretty much catches us up to now, so back to the plotting board. Gonna spend a good chunk of tonight eating homemade tacos and casting/painting robutts.

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