Battletech Projects Update

I’ve been offline but not idle. The cough is still with me (whee) but the rest of it’s died back a lot.
First, the Longbow/Phalanx is progressing nicely. The legs are finished, I’m starting on the arms and finishing the last bits of the body (heat sinks, collar, and the drop-out reactor in the back of the torso). Click to embiggen the photos. Note that the spotlight is just blu-tacked on, I’ve got to build the mount for it and add the antennas.
Lonbow bash sculpt progress 6-5

I’ve resumed the Diesel Thunderbolt from TRO 3063 (see below).Fucking Canopians pt deuxIt’s very much my favorite ‘Mech from the project, both in appearance and sheer amusement value. I broke off the sculpt because I couldn’t get the armor plates right: now that I have the right tools, it should go much faster. I’m basing mine off an Unseen Thud, instead of the Jihad-era Reseen we used in the book art.

I’m insanely happy about this last one – I got permission from Alex Iglesias to sculpt up some of my favorite designs of his, the “unfucked protomechs”. He occasionally posts original designs and comics on /tg/, and these.. well, judge for yourself.
I’m making the Roc for sure, probably with swappable weapon mounts, and I’m seriously considering several others. I need to hone my skills more, but I finally have the tools and equipment. It’ll be nice for my Spirits to have the tools I want and not the horrid Chaffee designs.

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