I’ve Got to Admit, I’m Getting Better

Finally recovering from that bastard lung thing. It’s been nearly two weeks now.  Still got a lingering cough and still on meds for a while, but no pneumonia this time, Gratia Dei.

Anyway, on the gaming front. I bought me some robutts, as I mentioned earlier. Right now I’m going through the preview rules, presented videos, and various other crap to put together a better preview ruleset. They actually gave us enough to reconstruct most of the UEDF mecha, but were not so kind with the Zentraedi (alas). Final results will be posted elsewhere and linked from this post. Trying to get a couple multiplayer preview games together instead of just playing with myself (hurrhurrhurr). Been using my BT minis as proxies for full irony; the Citytech Locusts have the right height compared to the Stingers/Wasps and Destroids to work as Regults.

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