Sick week

I’ve been down for the count all weekend with a massive respiratory infection – something made my bronchitis flare again, I think. Still on bed rest for a couple of days, and I haven’t been able to do any creative work in the interim.

I did kick in on the Robotech minis kickstarter. It certainly fit my criteria:
First, Ken Sembieda may be many things, but his company survived all three of the great RPG crashes. He delivers consistently. Ninja Division/Soda Pop have run multiple kickstarters in the past, and always come through.
Second, I’ve met several of the developers in person and I’ve been following this game avidly since it was two separate projects a couple years ago. I’ve already seen some of the prototypes, and I know the quality they put out.
Third, the game is already playable in its basic form, and I fully anticipate the kickers being looped in on a beta test in the next few months.
Fourth, the time goal was reasonable (6+ months for a prototyped game), and even if it goes over these guys will deliver.

So I’m now a Battle Cry supporter, and I’ll probably be kicking in another ~$100 at the beginning of the month for a Monster and some other accessories.
When I’m a little more conscious, I think I’m going to enter the Design-an-Ace contest (yes, this one’s a joke)
Torgue Valk

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