Sakuracon Rundown, or What I Did For Holy Week

I’m back and alive, albeit in some pretty impressive knee pain. I still have some stuff to do from this con, but I honestly woke up around 2 PM and I had errands to do, so ain’t shit happening today.

Highlight: Meeting several really awesome people in the industry – the behind-the-scenes people, not the “stars” – and from other cons. I also talked briefly to the developer for the upcoming Robotech Miniatures game, after which I have been lusting for months. I’m actually getting a social calendar put together for the upcoming weeks (not something one usually takes away from an anime con..), and enhancing a few friendships I’ve meant to strengthen for years. I got to help out a Make-A-Wish family, and bring smiles to the faces of dozens of people. I may be an introvert, but smack me and call me Shirley if I don’t like helping others.

Bad things? I missed my favorite part of the convention because of a Bad Thing happening elsewhere, and my own panel was.. well.. pretty lame, albeit fun. It boiled down to about 25 of us sitting in a room meant for 150 shooting the shit and spamming catchphrases. Then again, that’s not that far off from the regular content of the panel, and everyone seemed to have a good time (unlike some of the more “scholarly” panels we’ve done). Also, bronchitis combines poorly with a CPAP machine.

Spoils: Boxed set of Slayers seasons 4 & 5, and of Lost Universe, both of which I’ve been meaning to pick up for years. Still can’t believe I’ve left my favorite series in the lurch for so long, even if my wife hates it. Maybe LostU will change her mind. Should probably start with the chicken suit episode..
Picked up Sapphire, my first Pokemon game that’s not a third game or a “red”-side version (Yellow, HeartGold, Platinum, and Black/Black2). The cartridge had been cleaned completely out, so there’s nothing stopping me from restarting right now, and restart I have. Torchiccing it like a boss. I also grabbed a cheap copy of Advance Wars Two. I’ve heard good things about the series for so long I figured I might as well. Won a Young King Ours promo item (B-5-sized Asuka report folder) from the Dark Horse Evangelion panel, and got the autograph of my favorite translator yesI’manerdstoplookingatmethatway. Other than that my purchases were mostly food, buttons, and a couple gashapon (including my second bloody chase figure of Destiny Gundam, which I hate. Gave it away to a friend). The Macross ones were slightly too large to use for N-scale BT, more’s the pity, but they’re still pretty cool.

Food: AWESOME. I finally FINALLY FINALLY found a restaurant in downtown that serves fish and chips and doesn’t huck shrimp into the deep fryer – doesn’t even have the shit inside the building – so I can eat one of my favorite foods without hugging my Epi-pen. And it’s good, too. The fries were great, fried chicken tasty (wife bought it, we shared), and they know their way around a mac and cheese. Beer’s merely okay, but I can give up good beer for excellent food. Had an excellent burger at the Taphouse too, although the bacon-wrapped Jalapenos were shite – undercooked, huge, and unseeded.

Now the fun really starts as far as convention work goes. Even though we can’t actually do anything about next year until the elections happen, this is when the real feedback comes in. Not the usual “your staff are mean” or “why didn’t you pay attention to my awesome guest suggestions” or “I can’t understand what a policy is and I’m illiterate, how dare you enforce your rules? I’m special!” stuff, but “well, shit, THAT didn’t work at ALL”.  Also, politics. I hate them, but sometimes it’s necessary.
Secondly, it’s time to start going through our policies with a fine-toothed comb. There is a lot of infelicitous phrasing, not to mention at least one outright and horrendous typo, and some concerns about potentially conflicting policies. I know the majority of attendees never actually read them*, but it’s still important to keep them straight.
*look, I work the Q&A email box, and 95% of the questions are shit that is clearly stated in the policies, on the “Schedule” page, or on the “registration” page.
I also have a presentation to give on the con itself and the anime fandom in general.. to a room full of old rich people on the Eastside, in about two weeks. So time to start writing that.

And now, away, unto bed.

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