Memories of ECCC2013

Spent the weekend at Emerald City. Most all of these were taken on Sunday, when my wife was in Oly attending her uncle’s funeral. You may notice a certain bias in my images: the camera’s batteries died partway through the Lego shoot, and one of my replacements was dead. Had to husband the shots carefully from there on out. All images click through to larger ones.

Lego displays

This was about 8 feet by 5. Pretty nifty

I love the little Vic-class ramming the Kraken in this one.

Check out the recharge booths! Also, play “find-the-non-Lego-parts” – I see at least 3 (no, I don’t mean go hunting Mega Bloks or some pedantic shit like that)

Clappy! Also other farm animals.

Batcave. The turntables spin, the launch ramps open, the bat-arsenal flips out of the wall. Holy CRAP.

Burt and Adam apparently loved the display, according to the guys running it.

The real reason Hobbits worship pie. Also, note the expression on the guy with the shovel behind the cow on the top right

You can’t see the Mermaid’s tail in this one, but, well, she’s being a Siren.

Merc with a Mouth and Wolverine jumping a pack of Daleks and Magneto? Mmmmm, nerdy

Better view of the Imperial and the TARDIS. I didn’t wind up buying the cape, but I seriously thought about it.

~1/4 minifig scale Space Needle.


Small human dragged out in front of Chris Sarandon to promote the kid’s area. She had Spider-man facepaint, and was in general adorable if incommunicative.

This is the expression a Sarandon gives you when you ask him about his “homoerotic bromance” with Christopher Guest. He held this facial expression for like a minute and a half.

He begins to respond. Face = priceless.

Sir Patrick Stewart, ladies and gents. Let us film you and you won’t look like a dork.

The only other halfway decent shot of him. He was very funny and somewhat informative, if not exactly capable of staying on-topic.

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