The Butcher

This is what happens when I’m allowed to have an Atlas, plasticard, and rum at the same time.
Needs work on the RT Hazard stripes, cleaver handle, feet, and one more “depth” ink coat before I highlight and seal it. Oh, and redo the “cigar” flamer, the last one looked like ass and I had to pull it. Anti red-eye wrecked some of the highlights, alas.

Runs at almost 70 KPH, flies, breathes fire, shoots lightning from its crotch, does over 70 damage at point-blank range (and can literally carve anything under 45 tons in half, breaching anything <60t, with one cleaver hit to the CT), can continue to balance TSM heat even with half the ‘Mech shot off, and mounts a staggering 19 tons of armor.

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  1. No more rum for you.

  2. This sounds interesting … can we get a pic and / or a record sheet?

    • I’ve got an RS and WiP image of the ‘Mech inline in the post, and they’re sowing up in desktop and mobile mode.. I’d check your adblocker


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