Resolution status

Kept  for the day. Wrote a page into my dungeon module, created a new magic item, and wrote a half-page of errata for TRO: Prototypes. Sooooo much more work on that last one. I’m working up a compilation of errata now for a good dozen publications, because I’m sick of the massive decline in publication quality from Catalyst.

Anyway, magic item (intended for Lamentations of the Flame Princess):
An untarnished, unmarred blue-steel knife inside a crumbling leather sheath. It will never rust, but it inflicts decay on objects (made from non-living materials) it touches until Time’s accounts are settled. Inscribed on the blade is the phrase “Corruption surrounds the Pure”
This could be dangerous as Hell in the right hands, and if you know what it is.. but it’s still dangerous to its user. It won’t corrode a stone wall (they last thousands of years, after all), but a wooden door might explode into dust if there’s enough stress on the knife; on the other hand, no sheath will hold it for long. This one’s been sitting on the floor for a thousand years…

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