Interesting ideas

Had some fun thoughts in a fever dream tonight. Break is to respect the wishes of a friend.
It’s the core of an interesting story, and one that I’ve already started writing up (got a few pages of dialogue and plotlines down already)

Wound up as a character I’ve played off and on; a modern adventurer named “Eric” who is part of a recovery team in a fantasy-addled world. Everyone else calls them Posthumous Extraction Specialists LLC, he and his small team call themselves the Bodybaggers.

Anyway, some vingettes I found interesting:
Taking photos/portraits of new adventurers before they leave town (there was a guy in the guard post at the town gate who did it for a living, and a miserable living it was). The better to ID the corpse later, I suppose. The Sheriff’s office had an entire room wallpapered with the pictures, plus volumes of scrapbooks. You could follow the same person or team through the years, watch as groups got whittled down. See how many teenagers had just one picture in the book.

A moderately-sized, fortified town in the PNW rainforests. Walls were sheer, glass-embedded concrete over an earthen core, with witchbane twisted into the iron barbed wire on top and ironwood gates. The knobs were cast-iron, which (as a half-Elf trying to keep it on the down-low) was damned inconvenient.

The forests sprang up when the Magic came back, claiming hundreds of thousands of acres – and lives.

Proper Large Spiders. The size of bullfrogs, shaggy and green. We called them Mossbacks, and they were well-hated. Watched one take out a rabbit, then the kid threw a blanket over it and stomped it to death. Could be a workable strat for PCs, and I’ll use it next time I’m up against something small…

The Threefold Taboos of the Wilderness Graves.
1 If you’re not of the tribe, don’t walk over the grave.
2 Speak not the name of the Dead in their presence
3 You can admire all you want, but don’t touch the goods of the Dead with avarice in your heart. They’re.. protective.

Yes, archaeology counts as stealing unless the only thing you take is pictures. And snatching away a bag of, say, coins from someone who’s trying to steal it will just make things bad for you, as well. You have to talk them out of it, and fast, before the Forest gets angry.

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