Molding experiments, day not-a-day

Experiments suspended for today, after dealing with Christmas shopping and the government all of it.
Picked up a pound of Van Aken modeling clay, which was specifically recommended to me as silicone-resistant, for less than $4.
Also got some professional mold release (Mann Ease-Release 200, which is some toxic-ass shit) for $13.
They don’t have tin-cure 10:1 (only the “oomoo” 1:1, which has slightly worse work life, detail, and mold life – and costs $4 more) at the local Blick. It’s still cheaper than it is from Smooth-On. That’ll have to wait until after Christmas. Total cost to date is about $50 (not counting the legos from my collection I’ve sacrificed to the mold frame gods), so I’m still running pretty cheap.

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