Not much to post today. Beat Pokemon Platinum last night (got the last of the legendaries out), and now it’s time to evacuate the cart and restart the game.
Meanwhile, Red is my bitch (courtesy of a level ~65 team taking on his late 70s-80s bastards), so HG is almost cleared as well.  Down to 14 Pokemon left to have captured the entirety..

Work on the wedding dungeon continues apace. Lots of interesting ideas need to get forced into a ~3-5 hour playtime (with booze and food). Still deciding on a good denouement or two, other than “Everybody dies” (which is still a distinct possibility for this one..).

Also, remember my bitching about that shitty Charlemagne record? A week later, Sabaton announced they were releasing a new record.. about Carolus Magnus. Coincidence? Of course. Still fills my shorts with glee.

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  1. You’re going to start Platinum again. Won’t that lose all saved data?!

    • yes, you actually have to deliberately erase it to save a new game. I’m in the process of trading out all the interesting things to my “master” Heart Gold cart before I do the nest run. Coincidentally, this will allow me to pick up a full, second set of legends to send in a Gen-5-ish direction.


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