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New magic item for LotFP or your system of choice.  Designed for lulz.

The Ring of Selene

An intricately-carved, but otherwise plain red-gold ring. The lettering cannot be read by Read Magic or Comprehend Languages unless the user is also under the effects of a Protection from Law spell. The wording reads as follows: “I <character name> do pledge myself to the eternal service of (Chaos, or an appropriate Infernal entity)”. Hand the character a note with this writing: if they read it aloud, they must immediately save vs. Poison or become pledged as below.

 Wearing the ring grants a mage an additional level for spellcasting purposes, and grants the spellcasting ability of a 1st-level mage to any other class. It also prevents restful sleep after one full day of wearing, however, and for a further 24 hours after being removed. The user’s dreams are wracked with visions of alternately alluring and terrifying infernal beings pledging great power or “other” rewards to any who will serve them.

If the user pledges themselves to Chaos/local infernal entity while wearing the ring, the following occurs:

• All previous effects of the ring cease.

• The character gains an immediate 2,000 XP (if an arcane or infernal caster – IE, an Elf, Dilletante, or Magic-user), becomes a Magic-user or Cultist (if they exist in your campaign) of the same level if a Cleric – note that this destroys their Clerical powers – or becomes a first-level Magic-User if any other class. The latter characters retain their ability with weapons, skills, etc, and their HP, but are considered a 1st-level Magic-user in all other respects, and must restart from 0 XP.

• They may Read Magic at will, and understand an appropriate Infernal language.*
• They gain a +2 to saves vs. fire and fire magics.*
• The ring transforms into an Impish familiar, pledged to serve the character (it can freely transform to and from the ring form, but finds it irritating and confining – it will only do so to further its own ends). If the character is killed, the imp must roll a 5 or 6 on a d6, or it will be immediately banished to its home realm. If the imp is killed, the character loses 1d4 Con and any benefits other than the XP (the penalties remain, and cannot be removed by any means other than a Miracle AND a Geas or similar)

• The character loses 1d4 HP permanently.
• The Character becomes a Turnable Chaotic being, native to the Nine Hells or another appropriate realm. They will flag as Demonic to any character able to sense such: physical stigmata may be inflicted at the DM’s whim.
Raising the character is subject to the whims of their Infernal patron, and may take unexpected or extremely unpleasant forms.

The character may not take other patrons &c. without incurring the wrath of the current one, but may invoke their patron for aid. Again, the effects of this are up to the DM, and may be extremely unpleasant.
*You may remove, or freely substitute these abilities for others to reflect the nature of your campaign or the character’s patron. These assume patronage by Ose, for anyone interested.

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  1. Poor ringbearer, welcome back to life. As a Manes.


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