And then stuff happened

Short post today, I’m busy addressing and mailing invitations for my wedding.

• Sudden windfall = LotFP hardcovers for me. Definitely worth the $30.

• 5e playtest dropped. It’s resoundingly meh. I wish they hadn’t decided to make it a test of the magic system, and I really wish the “at-will” powers weren’t so ridiculously overpowered. Hell, I’ve allowed free cantrips before, but Shocking Grasp? More to follow later, probably.

• Got Pokemon Platinum. Well on my way to finishing the game and cleaning out the cartridge (don’t worry, ~PENI~, your pokemon – and Logan and Karen’s – will be well-treated. Except for the Pichus, I drowned them). Next is a possible Nuzlocke or Mystery Egg run, courtesy of /vp/.

• Work on the wedding dungeon proceeds apace. The look on my 4e-loving brother-in-law’s face when I drop the LotFP books and charsheet in front of him should be frigging priceless.

• One of my best friends has returned to Washington. Unfortunately, that return has apparently been fraught with bullshit and pain.

• A car landed in my back yard yesterday morning. On top of the jungle gym. Thank God nobody’s kids were out there. Driver hurt, but not badly. Nice picture of my patio on the news.

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