Fun stuff from work.

Got a bit of work done, and found the following pages:

Interesting references for a very, very specific period in history: I’m specifically intrigued by the woodcuts, which look to help with a project I’ve got in the pipe.

But shortly thereafter, work finally did something that’s unacceptable to do on my main computer. I’m currently building the virtual machine that’s going to contain it… On the bright side, that means my lappie will finally be free to run better browsers, keep up my AdBlocking software, and generally not be under their control anymore.  On the downside, can’t make more money for another few hours at least, and probably until tomorrow.

This wasn’t technically from work, but is still awesome

Brother discussing a new D&D campaign. He keeps using phrases that set off red flags, like “story-planning” and “3x” and “Eberron”, but fuck it, I’m desperate. :b

Currently brewing a class like drunken little monkeys. Will post what we come up with later, when it’s fit for human eyes.


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  1. Well, even with the red flags, it’s Gabe. There are worse people ho could get their mits on it.

    • Actually, it’s not G. – it’s K. Only played with him twice, and the last time went poorly (adventure with a required Skill Check to advance in 3e. For first-level characters. And it was Swimming).
      Again, I’m still willing to roll with it.


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