So, one day my dad found something that promised to be utterly awesome; Christopher Lee as lead singer in a metal opera about Charlemagne.

Now, Chris Lee is basically James Bond with a staggeringly wide vocal range and that whole “competence” thing Jimbo lacks. So I was a bit more than cautiously optomistic..

And then this happened.

Yeah, no. He did better working with Rhapsody, ffs, and they’re basically an ego and 4 pairs of leather pants thrusting rhythmically at Mediaeval instruments.


This, on the other hand, this is the level I was hoping for.

I was introduced to Sabaton by a friend of mine in a car ride last week, and am now thoroughly hooked  – although their first album seems to be pretty generic “pagan metal”, the last 4 have all been excellent.  Instead of looking to Mediaeval subjects, they tend to rock out on the last hundred years. They even have a couple songs about the Warsaw Uprising, which is one of the most tragic, heroic things the U.S pretends never happened (history rants later, I’m sure)


More of your regularly scheduled programming later.

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  1. Sabaton is hella awesome. Midnight Metal on the local rock station played them a couple of weeks ago.


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