Busy work today.

Spent a good 4 hours sorting and cataloging my Eldar army today, then packing it into a box. It’s (mostly) going off to a friend in Maine, provided we can agree on a price. I think I may keep my 2 favorite models (a converted fusion-gun Storm Guardian, modeled as the squad leader, and a very heavily-modified Eldrad, intended to be Iyanna Arenial), and some of the more valuable stuff will probably go on ebay depending on circumstances.

All that said, I have well over 100 Guardians, a 25-elf Seer Council, and the better part of a dozen vehicles – plus about 60 specialists of various types. Never quite realized at the time how much I spent on the little bastards.

…You know, maybe it’s time to just strip down my 2 Marine Companies, paint them up as UM, and sell them off too. God knows I could use the money, and I haven’t played anything but Sisters or IG in more than half a decade.

Didn’t get anything done on the RS front, and Steve really needs those vee and VTOL sheets ><

Feel like a complete tool over that.

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  1. Best of luck with all your projects, John.


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