Day 1

Still moving in, as it were.  A statement of intent or some such carping should occupy this space shortly. Basically, this page is for me to publish and archive various things I’ve had rotting on my hard drive, get all my (worksafe, ToS-compliant) RPG links backed up to a remote location, and do random game dev and homebrewing with my friends. I have a good 2 decades of stuff to unload, plus my unique brand of rambling philosophy and the weird-ass links I find while I work, so we should be good for a while.

Hopefully, I’ll become rich and famous, and then watch my blog implode horribly in a storm of internet drama while I [popcorn].

Now I need to go root up a decent theme, photoshop GIMP up a header image, and start pulling three-ring binders off the bookshelf..

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